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Atlassian Intelligence features in Jira Service Management

Atlassian Intelligence is available and automatically activated for all products on Premium and Enterprise plans. Organization admins can manage Atlassian Intelligence preferences from Settings > Atlassian Intelligence in Atlassian Administration.

Automate support interactions, streamline processes, and quickly summarize critical details, comments, and actions with Atlassian Intelligence.

AI answers

Search across your linked knowledge base spaces and answer your customer questions in help center (beta) and Slack — without needing to create an intent.

Using Atlassian Intelligence to automate support interactions in Slack.

Find out how to set up Atlassian Intelligence answers

AI request type suggestions

Spend less time figuring out what kind of request types you need to create for your project. Simply describe your work and what your team typically manages.

Using Atlassian Intelligence to suggest request types in Jira Service Management.

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence to create request types

Suggest fields

See what fields you should add or create when building your request forms. These suggestions include a selection of existing fields you can add right away, plus suggestions for custom fields you can choose to create.

Using Atlassian Intelligence to suggest fields in Jira Service Management.

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence to suggest fields

Alert grouping (beta)

Group related alerts and get insightful suggestions to help your team manage alerts and resolve issues more effectively. Alert grouping lessens 'alert fatigue' for your on-call agents. Rather than dealing with each alert separately, they can view a collective summary of similar alerts through an alert group.

Using Atlassian Intelligence with alert grouping in Jira Service Management

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence to group alerts

Create PIR using AI (beta)

Speed up the whole process of creating post-incident reviews with Atlassian Intelligence. AI automatically generates the incident summary for you, so your on-call teams can save time.

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence to create PIRs

Summarize issues

Summarize the details of an issue instantly – quickly understand context without needing to read through long descriptions and numerous comment threads.

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence to summarize an issue’s details

AI automation

Explain any requirement or action you want to automate, and Atlassian Intelligence will create a rule for you.

Find out how to use Atlassian Intelligence with Jira automation

Generate and transform content

Draft new content such as issue descriptions and comments with a simple prompt. Change tone, improve writing and make technical information easier for other teams to understand.

Customer sentiment analysis

Show customer sentiment on issues to quickly understand how customers are feeling.

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