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Manage Story and Epic issue types when copying product data

When copying Jira data, data is added to your cloud instance without overwriting existing data. However, we rename the Epic and Story issue types in a specific scenario.


For example, you're copying data from a source instance of Jira called acme.atlassian.net to another instance called http://my-acme.atlassian.net.

In acme.atlassian.net, you've renamed the issue types Story to User Story and Epic to New Epic. When you copy data to http://my-acme.atlassian.net, which has issue types called Story and Epic, the issue types will be renamed as User Story and New Epic.


To prevent renaming of these issue types:

  1. Before you copy data, navigate to Settings > Issues in your source instance.

  2. Select Issue types.

  3. Select Add Issue Type and create a standard issue type with your desired name.

  4. Use the bulk edit feature to change all relevant issues to use this new issue type.

If you've copied data and your issue types are renamed:

  1. In your destination product instance, navigate to Settings > Issues.

  2. Select Issue types.

  3. Locate the renamed issue type and select Edit.

  4. Rename the issue type back to its original name.

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