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Create an application tunnel to your self-managed instance

An application tunnel connects your whole organization to a self-managed instance and can be used to forward application links from specific cloud products.

Before you begin

Create a tunnel from admin.atlassian.com

To create a tunnel from admin.atlassian.com:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com, and select your organization.

  2. Go to Settings > Application tunnels.

  3. Select Create tunnel.

  4. Go through the wizard to provide the details of your self-managed instance and generate the security key associated with your tunnel.

  5. Add the key to your self-managed instance. You can either choose to be redirected to your instance, or copy the key and give it to the admin of this instance so they can add it manually.


This is how a tunnel looks after being created in admin.atlassian.com. The status is Incomplete until you add the tunnel security key to your self-managed instance:

Image showing an application tunnel on the cloud side.

Add the tunnel’s security key to your self-managed instance

To add the tunnel’s security key:

  1. Go to application tunnels:

    • If you were redirected here from cloud, you should already be on the right screen.

    • If you weren’t redirected, go to Administration > Application tunnel, and select Add security key.

  2. Paste your security key and follow the steps in the wizard.

Your tunnel is created. Wait until its status changes to Connected. For more info on statuses, see Available statuses for application tunnels.

If a tunnel displays the Error status…

Because of an incident on our side, some application tunnels might have stopped working. If a tunnel worked previously, but now displays the Error status, restart the Marketplace app in your self-managed instance. Learn more


This is how a sample tunnel looks in your self-managed instance:

An application tunnel on the server side.

Next steps

Your tunnel is ready, but you need to make your cloud products use it by creating a tunneled application link. Go to Create a tunneled application link.

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