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What product data is copied

The capability to copy data from one instance for your Confluence to another is only available to customers who have signed up for our Early Access Program.

Copy data from one cloud to another without overwriting any existing data. You can copy data to a new or an existing site within the same org or in a different org.

This page outlines what is and what isn’t copied as part of the EAP.

What is copied

Users and groups

  • Users and groups

Space types (if selected)

  • Active spaces

  • Personal spaces

  • Archived spaces

Confluence space data

  • Space details:

    • Space logo

    • Name

    • Key

    • Categories

    • Description

  • Sidebar settings

  • Content status settings

  • Space permissions

  • Look and feel:

    • Themes

    • Space templates

    • Page layout (header and footer)

    • PDF export customizations

  • Pages & blogs (including archived items and items in the trash)

Page/blog data

  • Title

  • Content (including history)

  • Labels

  • Restrictions

  • Comments (including history)

  • Attachments (including history)

  • Likes

  • Page restrictions

  • Links are migrated, but some links in destination site will continue to link to source site

  • Default page statuses

  • Stock Unsplash images in headers

What isn’t copied

Users and groups

  • Any permissions settings (space or page) associated with groups will be lost during import unless a group with the same name already exists in the destination site. To maintain your groups' permissions settings, make sure all your groups have a corresponding group with the same name that already exists in the destination site before importing the space. An easy way to do this is to first import users and groups, then import any spaces. 

User profiles

  • User avatars (users will need to update their avatars after data copy)

  • Passwords (unless you've set up SSO, users will need to reset their passwords after data copy)


  • Apps and app data stored with the vendor (to copy app data, contact the respective Marketplace Partner)

  • Team Calendars

Confluence space data

  • Analytics data

  • Space shortcuts

  • Related pages settings

Page/blog data

  • Analytics data

  • Reactions

  • Custom uploaded images in headers

  • Custom emojis (page and in title)

  • Public links (these will need to be newly generated)

Entities and permissions

  • Site level settings

    • Configuration

      • General configuration (e.g., timezone, language)

      • Further configuration

      • Languages

      • Shortcut links

      • Global templates

      • Code macro administration

    • Security

      • Security configuration

      • Global permissions

      • Default space permissions

    • Look and Feel

      • Themes

      • Colour scheme

      • Site logo and favicon

      • Header and footer

      • Default space logo

    • Administration

      • Audit log

      • Application links

      • Application navigator


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