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Copy users when you've subscribed to Free plans

When you copy users and groups, you get the option to:

  • Copy users and groups separately, which means you’ll need to add users to their groups after you copy data to give them product access.

  • Copy users with their groups, which means users will remain added in all the groups they were a part of after they are copied in the destination. They’ll get product access automatically.

When you copy more than 10 users to a destination on a Free plan and you select the option to copy users with their groups, you won’t be able to copy data. This is because Free plans support a maximum of 10 users.

To copy more than 10 users to a destination on a Free plan, you need to either:

  • Upgrade your plan on the destination, or

  • Select the copy users and groups separately option from the Group membership section on the Copy users and groups page.

If you opt to copy users and groups separately, all users will be copied, but you’ll be able to add 10 users to groups.

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