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What data is backed up and restored

Backup and restore is available through an early access program (EAP) to a limited number of customers.

If you're interested in learning about the future backup and restore releases, reach out to your account representative.

When you back up or restore your data, not all data types are included. The following tables list the product data types that are currently supported, as well as the product data types that aren’t supported.

Jira data included in backup and restore

✅ Currently supported

❌ Not supported

  • Jira issues and field content (including system and custom fields)

  • Board and sprint data

  • Users and user group settings

  • Comments

  • Media files including media attachments, avatars, and logos (if selected)

  • Project configuration data (including workflows, global permissions, schemes, screens, custom field configuration, issue types, and board configuration)

  • Advanced Roadmaps

  • Automation rules

  • Third-party apps and app data

  • Jira Service Management features powered by Opsgenie, (including all content accessed through the Opsgenie URL, as well as alerts and on-call schedules)

  • Insight for Jira Service Management

  • Product access settings (you’ll need to add users to groups for permissions to apply).

  • Views (views configuration and insights for Jira Product Discovery).

Confluence data included in backup and restore

✅ Currently supported

❌ Not supported

  • Users and groups

  • Space types: Active spaces, Personsl spaces, Archived spaces

  • Space details: space logo, name, key, categories, description

  • Space data: sidebar settings, content status settings, space permissions, look and feel, pages & blogs

  • Page/blog data: title, content (including history), labels, restrictions, comments (including history), attachments (including history), likes, page restrictions, links, default page statuses, stock Unsplash images in headers

  • Entities and permissions: site level settings (configuration, security, look and feel, administration)

  • Users and groups permissions settings

  • Space data: analytics data, space shortcuts, related pages settings

  • Whiteboards

  • Databases

  • Page/blog data: analytics data, reactions, custom uploaded images in headers, custom emojis (page and in title), public links (these will need to be newly generated)

  • User profiles: user avatars (users will need to update their avatars after data copy), passwords

  • Apps: team calendars, apps and app data stored with the vendor (to copy app data, contact the respective Marketplace partner)

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