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What are sandboxes?

A sandbox is an isolated environment where you can test and experiment with Atlassian products before making changes in production. The sandbox environment mirrors your production environment for the product you choose.

You can also use sandboxes to test new features, onboard and train new users, and evaluate new apps, without impacting the production environment.

This feature is available for Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence with Premium and Enterprise plans.

There is no difference in performance, speed, and security between the production environment and its sandbox.

Sandbox URL

Your sandbox URL is created based on the production site URL. For example, if your production site URL is acme.atlassian.net, your sandbox site URL could be acme-sandbox-123.atlassian.net. Learn how to change your product and site URL

Number of sandboxes

You can create one sandbox for each product. For example, if you have a Jira production environment, you can only create one Jira sandbox.

Multiple sandboxes

Customers who are participating the multiple sandboxes beta can create two sandboxes for each product in an Enterprise plan. We plan to enforce a limit in the near future for the number of sandboxes per Enterprise plan.

User Limits

Sandboxes have the same user limits as their linked production environments.

Performance and data retention limitations

Because your sandbox is not a production environment, we don’t guarantee sandbox data retention if it is destroyed. Your sandbox will not be covered by the SLAs that cover products. For these reasons, we recommend not using a sandbox as the sole location of your data.

Use sandbox to test migration

While the sandboxes are primarily used to test Atlassian product changes, you can also create a sandbox to test a migration from server to cloud. Sandboxes can be easily deleted and recreated, and any change made within a sandbox won’t affect production.

To test a migration using a sandbox use the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant or Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant.

We recommend that if you want to test your server import multiple times, delete and recreate your sandbox. We don’t recommend testing multiple import files at the same time, as it's likely to not work.

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