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Create a tunneled application link

A tunneled application link allows you to select an existing application tunnel that will be used to forward the traffic to the target instance, as opposed to a direct link where you use the URL of the target instance. You can create a tunneled application link only from your cloud product.

To create a tunneled application link:

  1. Open your cloud product's administration and navigate to application links. This is different from admin.atlassian.com, each product has its own administration.

    • Jira: Go to Administration > Products > Application links.

    • Confluence: Go to Administration > Application links.

  2. Select Create link.

  3. Select Tunneled application link, and then choose the application tunnel that is connected to your self-managed instance.

  4. Follow the wizard to complete the setup. You will be redirected between your cloud and self-managed products to authorize the application link.

You can verify that the application link was correctly created by viewing its details, both on the cloud and self-managed side. Here you can see some examples:





Details of a tunneled application link on the cloud side.

Only this link is using the tunnel, because it’s incoming to your network. The target URL is the URL of your tunnel.


Details of a tunneled application link on the server side.

This a direct reciprocal link, not using the tunnel, because it’s outgoing from your network.

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