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Soft limits for copying Jira data

We've made some changes to the Copy product data feature:


While there is no hard limit on the amount of data you can move via a single copy plan, we observed a higher success rate when copying projects within some limits. We call these limits as soft limits.

In the table below, we’ve described some soft limits. We also describe the impact on performance, stability, and success when moving data more than the recommended soft limit in a single copy plan. We recommend actions you can take if the size of your data falls outside the soft limits.

Our soft-limits are based on first-hand experiences dealing with some of our largest customers, but they might not represent every organization’s experience.

Number of projects per copy plan

Soft limit

200 projects

How to find this number

When you select projects while copying data, you can see the total number of selected projects at the bottom of the Select projects page.

You’ll also be able to see the number of selected projects on the Review your selections page.


When you copy more than 200 projects at once in a single copy plan, some projects may fail to copy.


We recommend copying projects in batches of 200.

Amount of text in the comments field

Soft limit

32K (32767) characters in the comment field


When you copy data you’ve migrated from the Jira Data Center or Server into cloud, these errors may occur:

  • Comments aren’t copied to the destination.

  • Comments are copied but with missing characters as the system trims the characters.


If your projects exceed this limit, or if you see trimmed comments, contact support

Number of attachments

Soft limit

  • 100GB per project

  • 50GB if you are copying from a source within Europe to a destination in Europe.


Copying data takes longer as the number and size of attachments increase.


If you think the number of attachments exceed this limit, contact support


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