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Keep track of maintenance windows

We use maintenance windows whenever a change, bug fix, or essential maintenance requires some downtime to roll out to your Atlassian cloud site. Maintenance windows occur daily between 1 am and 3 am in the timezone where your site's server is located. 

We aim to keep total weekly downtime to less than 15 minutes, and we only use the maintenance windows when downtime can’t be avoided. Many changes require no downtime and are rolled out in accordance with your release track. Learn about release tracks

View or change your maintenance window

Your maintenance window is chosen based on the timezone when you sign up.

To view or change your timezone, create a support ticket and let us know your preferred timezone. Contact our support team

Find out about recent changes to your instance

To get the low-down on the latest and greatest changes in your Cloud instance, check out our Atlassian Cloud release notes blog page. We'll use it to tell you about new features and changes to existing features in your applications.  View the Atlassian Cloud release notes blog

How we communicate maintenance windows

  • Regular maintenance windows: We won't send maintenance notifications unless we need to deviate from the regular schedule.

  • Other types of maintenance: For other required maintenance, like urgent fixes, we'll notify you and other administrators via in-app message.

Additional Help