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Backup and restore limitations

Backup and restore is available through an early access program (EAP) to a limited number of customers.

If you're interested in learning about the future backup and restore releases, reach out to your account representative.

Backup limitations

Which products can I back up?

You can back up Jira and Confluence products.

You can only back up products that are part of your organization, and that you have organization admin permissions for.

Can I have more than one backup policy per product?

Each product can have only one backup policy. You can run multiple backups for the same product using the same backup policy.

When can I run a new backup?

You can run only one backup a week, which means that you can run a new backup only after 7 days since the last complete backup. If you don’t have a complete backup, you can run a new one at any time.

You can’t run a backup while there’s a backup in progress for the product.

How long is each backup stored for?

Each backup is stored in Atlassian storage for 14 days, after which the backup expires and can’t be used.

Is there a size limit to the backups?

  • Jira: 40GB + 500GB attachments

  • Confluence: 30GB + 800GB attachments

Can I back up only some of my Jira projects or Confluence spaces?

Currently you can only have full backups, which means all projects for a Jira product and all spaces for a Confluence product.

Do the backups include all data types?

Not all data types are backed up (and restored). Learn what product data is backed up and restored

How long do the backups take?

The time depends on the size of your product.

  • Jira: 20 minutes to 8 hours

  • Confluence: 2 hour to 19 hours

Restore limitations

How long do I have to restore a backup?

You can restore backed up Jira and Confluence product data at any time until the backup expires. You have 14 days from backup to restore your data.

How often can I restore a backup?

You can restore a specific backup once in 7 days. However, if you have a different backup for the same product data, you can restore that backup instead.

What backups can I restore?

We recommend you restore only COMPLETE backups, although INCOMPLETE backups can also be restored. Incomplete backups are missing some attachments in the case of Jira, or missing some spaces in the case of Confluence. Backups that are IN PROGRESS, EXPIRED, or FAILED can’t be restored.

What are the limitations for the restore destination?

  • To restore your Jira backup to a site, the site needs to be empty. It can’t contain active, deleted, or archived content.

  • When you restore a Confluence backup to a non-empty site, spaces in the backup that match spaces in the destination site are not restored.

  • You can’t restore to a product that has a backup in progress.

  • You can’t restore to a product that has a restore in progress.

How long do the restores take?

The time depends on the size of your product.

  • Jira: 45 minutes to 16 hours

  • Confluence: 2 hour to 19 hours

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