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Configure Jira Cloud to send emails on behalf of your domain

Before you begin

The steps outlined on this article should be carried out by an Atlassian Cloud site administrator or someone who can make changes to your domain configuration (usually a member of your IT organisation).

Emails that are sent out using a custom email address other than the atlassian.net domain from Jira cloud can be rejected by DMARC if without a domain-specific DKIM signature. If you do want to configure a custom email address for your project, it must be added at admin.atlassian.com by your organization admins. Learn more about adding custom email addresses for sending emails from your domain.

Configure a project's sender email address

When you set the sender address for a project, all notifications are sent from this address. This setting is specific to the project and won't affect the configuration of other projects.

To configure the sender address for a project:

  1. Choose  Settings   > Projects.

  2. Find the project you want to change the sender address for and select more    > Project settings.

  3. Select Notifications from the project sidebar.

  4. Select Edit under Notification email.

  5. On the Notification email page, select Edit next to the email card.

  6. From the Email drop-down, choose a custom email address, or use the default Jira cloud email.

The list of custom email addresses you can use for the project must be added at admin.atlassian.com by your organization admins. Learn more about the steps for setting up custom email addresses.

7. Alternatively, you may customise the email prefix if you choose to use the default Jira cloud email address.

8. Select Save.

This email address will now be used as the sender address in all email notifications sent by this project.

Incoming mail

Whatever you set as a sender address for a project will also serve as the reply address for responses to notifications, which can work in conjunction with creating issues and comments from email

This functionality only works if you’re using a default address or custom domains from an email provider, for example:




It will not work with partially custom domains, for example:

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