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Use and misuse of Atlassian Intelligence

Atlassian Intelligence is available and automatically activated for all products on Premium and Enterprise plans. Organization admins can manage Atlassian Intelligence preferences from Settings > Atlassian Intelligence in Atlassian Administration.

Tracking your Atlassian Intelligence usage

We do not currently offer a way for you to track Atlassian Intelligence usage, but we are working on a dashboard in Atlassian Admin that will show your usage. We will let you know as soon as this is available.

What happens if excessive use is detected?

There are currently no AI usage limits, but Atlassian reserves the right to enforce limits in the future. However, if we detect that there has been a disproportional use of Atlassian Intelligence (e.g. if bots or automated systems are detected) that violates our Acceptable Use Policy, then the user will receive an error message stating that excessive use has been detected, and to try again later. We want to ensure optimal performance and fair use across all Atlassian AI users.

Atlassian Intelligence capabilities will continue to function on your site as normal, as long as usage is in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy.

What happens if a user abuses their AI capabilities?

Abuse and misuse is usage of Atlassian Intelligence in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, which includes using robots or automated systems to overload our Atlassian Intelligence service. If misuse of AI has been detected, Atlassian Intelligence will be deactivated for your whole site, and AI features will no longer be available.

An admin will be required to contact support in order to have Atlassian Intelligence activated again for your users.

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