Understand the improved Atlassian billing experience

What is the improved Atlassian billing experience?

We’re replacing our existing billing infrastructure with a new billing engine that will provide a unified experience for billing and invoicing across all Atlassian cloud products. It includes an improved invoicing and administration model, which will give you enhanced flexibility to group and pay for subscriptions in the way that best suits your business needs. We’re developing the experience incrementally, and will release enhanced capabilities over time.

Which products and plans are supported?

Eventually, all cloud products will be supported by the new experience. Data Center products will remain on the original experience.

As we continue to build the new experience, we’ll add support for Enterprise plans, and additional products.


Currently supported

Not yet supported


  • Jira Software and Jira Work Management

  • Jira Service Management

  • Confluence

  • Jira Product Discovery

  • Compass

  • Atlas

  • Statuspage

  • Access

  • Bitbucket

  • Trello

  • Jira Align

  • Opsgenie


  • Free

  • Standard

  • Premium

  • Enterprise

How and when will customers be moved to the new experience?

To smoothly transition customers from the current system to the new billing experience, we’re conducting a site migration, where customers' sites and their data will migrate to the new billing engine in different groups at different times.

We’ve built sophisticated migration tooling, which uses end-to-end encryption to keep your billing data secure and protect your privacy during the move.

You’ll receive an email with 30 days notice for when your sites are scheduled to be migrated. You won’t need to do anything – we’ll do the work in the background so you don’t have any downtime.

How do you know which experience you’re viewing?

The functionality and interface for each billing experience is different. Your admin roles also impact how and where you manage your subscriptions.

Billing admins and Billing contacts

As a billing contact on the original experience, your subscriptions are managed through my.atlassian.com. If you’re a billing admin with products are on the improved experience, they’re now managed through a new interface at admin.atlassian.com/billing

Note: you may have product subscriptions on one or both systems.

Organization and Site admins

As an Org or Site admin, you can perform some billing tasks within admin.atlassian.com. You may have product subscriptions managed on one or both systems.

  • In the original billing experience, the first option on the left is Overview.

  • In the improved billing experience, the first option on the left is Subscriptions.
    Learn more about the differences

Original experience

Improved experience

Image showing the original Atlassian billing interface
Image showing the improved Atlassian billing interface

What are the key differences?

We’ve introduced a number of improvements to the new experience. Here are the key changes.


Original experience

Improved experience

Billing interface

On the original system, you can manage your bills in two places:

The improved experience doesn’t use my.atlassian.com – we’ve unified all billing functions in Atlassian administration: admin.atlassian.com

Account model

Contact-based model.

As a billing or technical contact, you can administer multiple licenses.

We invoice you on a site-by-site basis. Payment details are managed at the site level.

Account-based model.

We’ve introduced billing accounts, which can have one or many billing admins. Each account can be associated with a group of product subscriptions.


The original system had two billing roles:

  • Billing contacts

  • Technical contacts

We’ve introduced a new, expanded role which replaces billing and technical contacts:

  • Billing admin

Billing interface

For products managed on the original billing experience, different billing tasks can be done in two different places:

With the improved billing experience, we’ve created a unified experience with a new interface, all within admin.atlassian.com.

It’s important to note that some products – Halp, Jira Align, Opsgenie, and Trello – are managed on separate billing systems.

Account model

In our original billing system, customers are billed on a site-by-site basis. In the new billing experience, all cloud product subscriptions live under a customer billing account. This account model gives you more flexibility, allowing you to:

  • have multiple subscriptions split between billing accounts

  • have multiple sold-to addresses for different subscriptions

  • move subscriptions from one billing account to another

  • decouple Confluence and Jira billing – in other words, Confluence and its related apps can be on a different billing cycle and terms than Jira on the same site

To learn more, see Understand billing accounts


To simplify administration, we’ve created a new administrative role called a billing admin, which replaces the technical contact and billing contact in the original system.

Primary billing contacts, secondary billing contacts, and technical contacts will all be converted to billing admins in the new experience.

To learn more, see Understand billing administration


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