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Prepare sites for a cloud-to-cloud migration

Cloud-to-cloud migration is currently in beta

Use this feature to copy projects and users between cloud sites. This feature may function differently than a generally available feature and may have less scope of functionality. A few issue fields, configurations, and other project types aren't supported yet. To assess the impact of your migration and make decisions about your cloud-to-cloud data movement, we recommend you review the soft limits for cloud-to-cloud migration for Jira.

You can also:

  • Find answers and join existing conversations in the Community.

  • Find if an issue affecting you is already known in the Jira issue tracker.

Before you start a cloud-to-cloud migration, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you and your data are ready to go.

Understand what sites and organizations are in Atlassian

An Atlassian organization is where you find your company-wide admin settings. A site contains a single instance of each Atlassian product you’re using. Your organization contains all your cloud sites and products, and multiple sites can be part of the same organization. Sites also have their own admin settings. Learn more about Atlassian organizations

A cloud-to-cloud migration can be performed between sites in the same organization or sites in different organizations.

Understand source and destination sites in cloud-to-cloud migration

In a cloud-to-cloud migration, data is copied from one cloud site, known as the source site, to another cloud site, known as the destination site. The destination site can be a new site or a site with existing data.

Check your permissions

You need to be an organization admin or site admin for your source site to access the cloud-to-cloud migration feature. To migrate to a site within the same organization, you need to be a site admin for the destination site. To migrate to a site in a different organization, you need to be an organization admin for both the organization that your destination site belongs to and the source site. Learn more about admin permissions

When selecting your destination site, the sites available for you to select from will be based on whether you have the required permissions (as described above) to perform that migration.

Add Jira products to your destination site

If you’re preparing to perform a cloud-to-cloud migration for Jira, make sure your destination site has the same Jira products as your source site, even if you won’t be migrating data from the other products. This will reduce the chance of your migration failing. If there’s a product you don’t want to use after migrating, set up a free trial for that product, then deactivate the trial after your migration is complete. Learn how to set up a free trial


If you have Jira Software, Jira Work Management, and Jira Service Management on your source site and you want to migrate data from Jira Software only, you still need to add Jira Work Management and Jira Service Management to your destination site.

Install apps on your destination site

Make sure your destination site has the same user-installed apps as your source site before you run a migration. We don’t migrate app data yet, but this will reduce your chance of encountering any errors. To migrate app data, you’ll need to contact the respective Marketplace Partner.

Understand how migration affects your billing

Depending on the number of users you intend to migrate and the subscription plans your source and destination sites are currently on, your billing and experience in the destination site may be affected by a migration. Use the table below to understand what these changes might be. Learn more about Jira Cloud plans

Plan on source site

Plan on destination site




No change



You’ll be billed on your destination site for the additional users that have been added to groups after your migration.

You won’t be billed on your source site.



You'll be able to migrate all your users, but you won’t be able to add them to groups. You’ll need to upgrade your destination site to a paid plan to do so.

You’ll continue to be billed on your source site.



You'll continue to be billed on both sites. On your destination site, you’ll be billed for the additional users that have been added to groups after your migration.

If you don’t want to keep your source site after migrating, downgrade your source site to a Free plan.

Ready to migrate?

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