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Move Jira Service Management customers and organizations

The capability to move Jira Service Management data from one instance of your Jira Cloud to another is only available to customers who’ve signed up for our Early Access Program (EAP).

Customers in cloud have a single portal-only customer account tied to their email address that they can use to access your Jira Service Management help center. This means that when we move customers during a cloud-to-cloud migration, we don’t have to create new customer accounts in another instance of your Jira product. Instead, we link all data and activity associated with a customer to their existing portal-only account. Learn more about service project customers and organizations

How we move customers and customer organizations

Customers and customer organizations are moved during a cloud-to-cloud migration.

Only customers related to the selected projects

Choosing this option means the following data are moved to the destination instance of your Jira:

  • customers referenced in standard and custom field

  • user-generated content

  • workflows and permissions

All customers

Choosing this option means the following data are moved to the destination instance of your Jira:

  • all active and inactive customers

  • content associated with deleted customers

Some customers may have different account types on the source and destination while using the same email addresses. This may cause issues in their requests and permissions once the migration is complete. Refer to your post-migration report to see affected customers and solutions. Learn more about moving customers with mismatched account types

Customer organizations

Only customer organizations that are related to the selected Jira Service Management projects are moved to the destination instance of your Jira.

When you run additional migrations from the same source instance to the same destination instance, we won’t move all your customers and customer organizations again. Instead, we’ll only move any new customers and organizations that have been added to the source instance since the last migration.

If you have customer organizations with the same names existing on both source and destination instances of Jira Service Management in which the customers within the organizations are different, it will cause a migration error. Learn about removing duplicate customer organizations from migration

Notifying customers

Customers won’t get an email notification when they’re moved to another instance of Jira. When you’re ready, you can invite new customers by going to your Jira Service Management project’s Customers page from your destination instance of Jira. Alternatively, you can also give existing customers a link to the help center on the destination instance and they’ll be able to log in directly. Learn more about inviting customers to your service project

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