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How to work with admins of discovered products?

We recommend that you contact the admins of these products to get additional details about whether the product is still in use and what kind of data it contains. Reaching out may result in the following:

  • You find out the employee is currently using the product with their team. If so, you can have a further discussion about whether it makes sense to keep using it.

  • The employee responds that they forgot that the product exists or that they're no longer actively using the product. If so, you can ask them to delete it or do it yourself.

  • You find out the employee has left the company. If so, you can reactivate their Atlassian account to log in and take action.

  • The employee doesn’t respond, which may require you to spend more time tracking down their team or manager. If you still don’t hear anything, you can warn them before logging in to take action on the product.

If you need to log in to an admin’s account to take action

From their managed account details, select Reset Password. After getting the updated password from their email, log in with the new credentials.

You have the following options for discovered products. What you decide to do depends on your organization and how you want to manage products.

Most of the these options require you to be an organization admin

If you are in contact with the product’s admin, ask them to give you admin access. If you logged into their account, you can give yourself admin access.

Do nothing and allow products to remain separate

Depending on your company size or how employees are using the product, you may decide to do nothing about a discovered product. If you chose this option, these products will remain in the Discovered products list, and users will continue managing them separately.

Allow users to keep using products after you transfer them

If you prefer to manage all products from the same place, transfer the product to your company’s organization. After the transfer, you can give its users a product admin role so that they can continue to manage the product. Learn more about how to transfer products and the transfer checklist

Transferring products won’t work in the improved user management experience.

From your organization at admin.atlassian.com, if the Users list and Groups list are under the Directory tab, you have the improved user management experience and transferring products is disabled. Contact Support to transfer your products to another organization.

Ask users to start using products that already exist

Your users may not be aware that your organization has already set up products that meet their needs. To avoid duplicate costs, you may want employees to use products that already exist within your organization. This may require you to grant them access to products that already exist.

If they don’t want to lose the Jira issues or Confluence spaces they were already using, you can import issues and individual spaces to your existing products.

Delete the product to remove it from the discovered products

If you determine that a product isn’t useful, you can permanently delete it. To delete the product, you need to cancel its subscription:

  • To cancel subscriptions for an entire site, go to the Manage subscriptions page for the product. Select Cancel subscriptions and follow the prompts on the screen to cancel subscriptions for the entire site.

  • To cancel the subscription for a single product, select > Delete.

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