What are my options for discovered products?

You have a few options when you discover products outside your organization.

Do nothing

You may choose to allow users to continue managing their products separately. These products don’t appear under your organization’s Products and remain under your Discovered products as long as your users administer them.

Reach out to admins

We include the names and email addresses of your users who are organization admins for each product’s organization.

We recommend that you contact admins for each product and have a discussion about the purpose of each one. Your users may not be aware of other products that could meet their needs.

Transfer products to your organization

After discussing products with their admins, you may want to transfer them to your company’s Atlassian organization. After a transfer happens, users can maintain a product admin role to continue managing the product.

To start the transfer process, you need to be an organization admin for both organizations. Learn more about how to transfer products and the transfer checklist.

Transferring products won’t work in the improved user management experience.

From your organization at admin.atlassian.com, if the Users list and Groups list are under the Directory tab, you have the improved user management experience and transferring products is disabled. Contact Support to transfer your products to another organization.


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