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Atlassian Analytics is in an early access program

Only people who are part of this invite-only early access program have access to Atlassian Analytics.

Explore starter dashboards

Starter dashboards are pre-built dashboards that Atlassian Analytics auto-generates when you:

  • create a connection to the Atlassian Data Lake and

  • include all data for a product

Learn more about creating a Data Lake connection.

Each product you include comes with a set of starter dashboards. You can find them by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Dashboards tab in the global navigation.

  2. Select All items from the sidebar.

  3. Under Categories, select the first-level category with the same name as your Data Lake connection. Each product you’ve included will have a sub-category (for example, Jira Software).

The dashboards use your data—the data you made available in that connection—so you quickly get a feel for the types of insights you can pull from the Data Lake.

Keep in mind that data for all product instances are rolled up in the same dashboards. For example, if the Data Lake connection has access to multiple Jira Software instances, the data for all instances are included in the Jira Software starter dashboards. Most, if not all, starter dashboards have variable controls that let you filter the data for specific projects.

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