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Search your queries

Use the queries search to quickly find recently failed queries or search for the usage of tables, columns, or other SQL snippets in your Atlassian Analytics queries.

When you navigate to the Queries tab of a data source, Atlassian Analytics will show you any queries with errors before you run any searches. This quickly surfaces any queries that you need to fix.

To search for specific terms (for example, schema, table, or column names) used in your queries in your workspace:

You must have permission to manage the data source to search its queries.

  1. Select Data in the global navigation.

  2. Select the data source that you want to perform a query search for.

  3. Go to the Queries tab.

  4. Type your search term into the text field. Wrap your search term in double quotes to return queries with an exact match.
    Keep in mind that non-letter characters like _'"., etc. are not considered in the search. So searching for created_date, for example, yields the same results as created date.

  5. Select Find.

Note that search results only include queries from active dashboards. It does not include queries for archived and deleted dashboards.

Information returned in the query search results

Query search returns the following information:


Provides details about the resource that’s using the query:

  • The type of resource (for example, chart)

  • The link to the resource using the query

Last run status

When the query was last executed and its status

SQL query

The raw SQL query containing your search term

To differentiate between visual mode and SQL mode queries:

  • Visual mode queries have a short summary above the query

  • SQL mode queries only show the SQL

Search results that list queries using 'issue id'

Download query search results

To download your query search results as a CSV, select Download as CSV.

The CSV file contains the following information:

  • Dataset ID: The unique identifier of the query

  • Dataset name: The name of the query

  • Type: The type of resource using the query

  • Description: The title of the chart using the query

  • Link: The URL to the resource using the query

  • Query type: the mode used for creating the query—visual or SQL

  • SQL: The raw SQL query

Highlight of the button to download query search results as a CSV


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