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Data limits for charts

Atlassian Analytics queries all rows in your data source when performing calculations. However, for performance reasons, we only return up to a certain number of rows for your final result set. The number of rows that we can display for a chart also depends on the selected chart type.

Maximum row limit

Each chart type has a maximum number of rows that it can display:

  • 100,000 rows for table charts and box plot charts

  • 20,000 rows for bubble map charts

  • 10,000 rows for all other chart types

Maximum size limit

The maximum file size for any chart is 20 MB. This includes the total size of the data returned from the chart’s queries.

If you need to reduce the file size of your chart, you can reduce the amount of data returned from your query by setting a row limit, filtering the data, or selecting fewer columns. Another option is to split the chart into two so you still have the data in its entirety but in two different charts.

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