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Single value indicator chart settings


Chart title

The title of your chart

Title font size

The font size of your chart title

The minimum value is 8.

Font size

The font size of the value

Decimal precision

If the value is numeric, select the number of decimal places to show:

  • 0 - Round to the nearest whole number

  • 0.0 - One decimal place

  • 0.00 - Two decimal places

  • 0.000 - Three decimal places

Number formatting

If the value is numeric, select how the number is displayed:

  • 1,000.00

  • 1000.00

  • 1 000,00

  • 1000,00

Pre text

Prepends text to the beginning of the value

For example, if you want to show the value as a dollar amount, you could enter $ in this field.

It uses the same Font size as the value.

Pre text superscript

Changes the Pre text into a superscript

Post text

Appends text to the end of the value

This could be useful for showing the value’s unit of measure (for example, users).

It uses the same Font size as the value.

Post text superscript

Changes the Post text into a superscript

Chart description

Provide a chart description to show beneath the value

Wrap chart description

Wraps the chart description if it’s longer than the size of the chart

Otherwise, the chart description is truncated, and you’ll need to expand the chart the full length of the chart description to read the entire text.

Show border

Shows a visible border around the chart. This border will create a separation between the chart and dashboard elements that surround it.

Show percent change

Shows the percent change beneath the indicator arrow


Text color

The text color of the value

Background color

The background color of your chart

By default, it uses the background color of the dashboard theme. Selecting another color overrides the background color of the dashboard theme.

Indicator arrow colors

Select if you want to choose the colors of the up and down indicator arrows

If unselected, the default color is black.


Use this chart as a variable control by selecting a dashboard and connecting other variable controls to it. Learn more about how to set up drilldowns for a chart.

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