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What is the query log?

Each data source has a query log that lists all the running and completed queries that were run against it in the last 30 days. It also provides other details and stats for each query that can help you analyze its performance.

You must have permission to manage the data source to view its query log.

To view a data source’s query log:

  1. Select Data from the global navigation.

  2. Select the data source to open its settings.

  3. Select Query log.

By default, the queries for every chart in every dashboard are shown in the list. However, you can filter the list of queries by selecting a specific dashboard from the dashboards dropdown.

If you’re troubleshooting for a specific chart, try viewing the chart’s query log. Learn how to monitor chart performance.

Each record in the log contains the following details:

  • Start time - When the query was run

  • Duration - The time (in seconds) it took for the query to complete

  • Query - The full SQL query that was run

    • Chart ID - The unique ID of the chart containing the query. It’s hyperlinked and takes you to the dashboard that the chart is on.

    • Cause - What triggered the query to run

    • Data source - The data source that is queried

    • If the query failed, the log will show the error that the data source returned.

Cancel running queries

In addition to letting you monitor the duration of queries that are currently running, the query log also lets you cancel one or all of those running queries.

Keep in mind that databases sometimes do not respond to these cancellation requests from Atlassian Analytics. For example, MySQL requires an open connection to send a cancellation request. If an open connection isn’t available (possibly due to too many queries running), the request will fail.

A record of a running query in a data source’s query log, with an option to cancel it.

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