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Atlassian Analytics is in open beta

Only customers with a Cloud Enterprise plan for Jira Software or Jira Service Management have access to Atlassian Analytics.

Copy or delete a chart

Copy a chart

If you want to duplicate a chart or use it as a base for a new chart, you can create a copy of the chart.

Once copied, your chart is completely separate from the original, so changing the original will not affect the new chart and vice versa. Chart comments also do not carry over to the chart copy.

You must have permission to query the data sources used to create the chart.

To copy a chart:

  1. Hover over the chart then select More actions () > Copy.

  2. Select a new or existing dashboard to place the chart copy.

  3. Select Save.

  4. Place the chart copy on your selected dashboard.

Delete a chart

If you no longer need a chart, you can delete it from the dashboard. Keep in mind that once you delete a chart, you cannot recover it.

You must have permission to edit or manage the dashboard to delete a chart.

To delete a chart:

  1. Hover over the chart then select More actions () > Delete.

  2. Select OK to confirm the deletion.


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