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What is the Atlassian Data Lake?

Atlassian Analytics lets you connect to a variety of data sources. The Atlassian Data Lake is a special data source; it’s a centralized database containing all your organization’s product data.

Only data for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery, Confluence, and Opsgenie are available in the Atlassian Data Lake at this time. Data for more products are coming soon.

By connecting to the Data Lake, you get access to a structured data set, which is simple to query in Atlassian Analytics. And because all your product data is available, it gives you quality information to filter and transform your data as you see fit. You can even blend cross-product and cross-site data to create and customize dashboards and reveal meaningful insights about how teams across your organization use your Atlassian products.

Learn how to connect to the Atlassian Data Lake.

Data permissions for the Atlassian Data Lake

Data permissions in Atlassian Analytics are not the same as the permissions you’ve set in your other Atlassian products.

Once you create a connection to the Data Lake with Atlassian Analytics, all your product data you’ve included in that connection becomes available to query or view.

While you can select specific projects to include for each selected product instance, you cannot set permissions at the row-level of the data. As such, people in your organization may see data they normally don’t have access to. The data is accessible to people who:

  • can query the data source

  • can view a dashboard that uses the data source for charts

Data security

Your data is safe with us. The Data Lake follows Atlassian’s security practices to maintain data privacy.

Data residency

Data residency for the Data Lake is available for all locations except Switzerland. If you’ve pinned any product data to Switzerland, that data will not be available in the Data Lake. Read more about data residency.

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