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Bubble map chart settings


Chart title

The title of your chart

Title font size

The font size of your chart title

The minimum value is 8.

Chart subtitle

The subtitle of your chart

Subtitle font size

The font size of your chart subtitle

The minimum value is 8.

Show tooltips

Enable tooltips, which appear when you hover over areas of your chart and show the values at the point in focus

Map type

The type of map for your chart:

  • Automatic - Default; infers the best map to use based on your data

  • World continents

  • United States (State)

  • United States (County)

  • United Kingdom (County)

  • France (Departments)

  • North America

  • South America

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • Africa

Show border

Shows a visible border around the chart. This border will create a separation between the chart and dashboard elements that surround it.


Map color

The color of the map

Map border color

The color of your map’s border lines


Bubble size of smallest value

Specify the minimum size of bubbles

The maximum value is 50.

Bubble size of largest value

Specify the maximum size of bubbles

The maximum value is 50.

Circle opacity

The bubble opacity

Use a decimal value from 0 to 1, where 1 is the most opaque.

Symbol type

Changes the shape of the bubbles:

  • Circle (default)

  • Square

  • Cross

  • Diamond

  • Triangle-up

  • Triangle-down

  • Triangle-left

  • Triangle-right

Fill or outline

Select to fill the bubbles


Use this chart as a variable control by selecting a dashboard and connecting other variable controls to it. Learn more about how to set up drilldowns for a chart.

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