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Atlassian Analytics is in open beta

Only customers with a Cloud Enterprise plan for Jira Software or Jira Service Management have access to Atlassian Analytics.

Sort, limit, and preview your visual mode query

After adding some columns to your visual mode query, you can open the query’s advanced drawer to configure it further.

Expanded advanced drawer for visual mode query highlighting the sort, limit, and SQL query areas.

The advanced drawer contains a few notable features:

  1. Query sort

  2. Limit rows

  3. SQL preview

The advanced drawer is the collapsible section at the bottom of the visual mode query editor. The advanced drawer is collapsed by default. To expand or hide the advanced drawer, select the chevron ( or ).

Chevron to expand the advanced drawer of a visual mode query.

Query sort

Apply a nested sort to the columns in your visual mode query

Your query is automatically sorted by the order you’ve added your columns. You can change the query sort in the advanced drawer.

To add a sort block, select +Add sort, select the column to sort by, then choose the sort direction (Asc for ascending or Desc for descending).

To remove a sort block, select the X within its block.

To edit a sort block:

  • Select the column name to choose a different column

  • Select Asc/Desc to change the sort direction

You can only sort by columns you’ve added to the “Columns” section of your query.

Limit rows

Set the number of rows returned from your query

It’s important to note that Atlassian Analytics queries all rows in your data source to calculate your result set, but the number of rows returned from that result set is limited to the number you provide in the Limited to…rows field.

By default, to improve performance while creating and testing your chart, the row limit for the returned results of your query is set to 1,000. When you’re finished testing, you may want to increase this limit to ensure that your chart results are not truncated by this limit. The maximum row limit for queries is 1,000,000.

The maximum row limit for each chart type varies, so you may need to use a “Limit rows” step later in your Visual SQL.

SQL preview

A read-only preview of the auto-generated SQL query

When you’re using visual mode, Atlassian Analytics auto-generates the SQL query to be executed in the background. The auto-generated SQL query uses the appropriate syntax for the underlying data source type.

This is also a great way to learn some basic SQL—simply edit your visual mode query and watch how the auto-generated query changes.

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