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Sort and limit the rows of your visual mode query

After you add one or more columns to your visual mode query, you can change how the query’s results are sorted and how many rows to the query should return.

Sort rows

Your query is automatically sorted by the order you’ve added your columns.

Select Sort rows by below the “Columns” section to update the applied sort in your visual mode query.

To add a sort block:

  1. Select +Add sort.

  2. Select the column to sort by.

  3. Select the sort direction (Asc for ascending or Desc for descending).

To remove a sort block, select the X within its block.

To edit a sort block:

  • Select the column name to choose a different column

  • Select Asc/Desc to change the sort direction

You can only sort by columns you’ve added to the “Columns” section of your query.

Expanded sort rows panel where query is sorted by created date then priority.

Limit rows

Set the number of rows returned from your query.

Atlassian Analytics queries all rows in your data source to calculate your result set.

The rows returned from that result set are limited to the number you provide for the Row limit.

To improve performance while creating and testing your chart, the row limit for the returned results of your query is set to 1,000 by default. When you’re finished testing, you may want to increase this limit to ensure that your chart results are not truncated by this limit.

The maximum row limit for queries is 1,000,000.

Expanded row limit panel where the row limit is set to 1,000.

The maximum row limit for each chart type varies, so you may need to use a “Limit rows” step later in your Visual SQL. Learn more about the data limits for charts.

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