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Can dashboard viewers explore chart data?

If a person visiting your dashboard meets both of the following criteria, they can open the chart editor to view the Visual SQL steps used to create a chart:

  • The person has access to only view the dashboard.

  • The person has access to query or manage all the data sources used to create the chart.

To view the chart in the chart editor, the dashboard viewer needs to:

  1. Hover over the chart.

  2. Select More actions ().

  3. Select Explore chart data.

Dashboard viewers can save a copy of the chart to a different dashboard that they have permission to edit or manage, but they cannot save changes to the original chart. This is incredibly useful for allowing teammates to learn how specific charts were created, while protecting the charts from accidental edits.

An example scenario

For example, let’s say you have access to view a dashboard titled Executive summary, which contains a chart titled Pipeline overview. You also have access to the data source named Document Company demo data, which was used to make the Pipeline overview chart. When you open the More actions menu of the Pipeline overview chart, you see the option to Explore chart data.

When you select this option, you’re taken to the chart editor. You can view and edit the chart’s queries and transformation steps, but you can’t save any of those changes to the original chart. If you want to save your changes changes or further edit the chart, you can select Save copy of chart in the top-right corner of the chart editor.

A pop-up appears, prompting you to select a different dashboard to save the chart copy to. You can only select a dashboard that you have access to edit or manage. If you don’t have such access to any dashboards, you can create a new dashboard.

You select the target dashboard and select Save. You’re then taken to the target dashboard to place the chart copy in the desired position.

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