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Dashboard layout

Familiarize yourself with the dashboard layout so you can effortlessly edit the dashboard and its settings.


The canvas of the dashboard is where you’ll place and interact with charts, controls, and other dashboard elements.

At the top of every dashboard, you’ll find:

  1. Dashboard title: Select to reset the controls to the default values.

  2. Data last updated: Shows how long ago the chart with the oldest cache was last refreshed. Hover over this timestamp to see how long until Atlassian Analytics checks if any caches have expired.

  3. Full screen: Switch your dashboard view to full screen to hide the dashboard sidebar.

Dashboard sidebar

Depending on your permission level to the dashboard, you’ll find different options available in the dashboard sidebar.

Anyone viewing the dashboard has the options to:

  • Download the dashboard data

  • View dashboard comments

  • Collapse or expand the dashboard sidebar

If you have permission to edit or manage the dashboard, you’ll have the options to:

  • Add new charts, controls, and other dashboard elements

  • Grant people access to the dashboard (only if you have permission to manage)

  • View dashboard settings

Collapse or expand the dashboard sidebar

Once you’re familiar with the items on the sidebar, you may want to minimize the width of it to increase your viewing space of the dashboard.

To minimize the dashboard sidebar, select Collapse.

To expand it again, select Expand ().

Full screen mode

There are two ways to bring a dashboard into full screen mode:

  • Select Full screen () at the top-right corner of the dashboard.

  • Append ?present=1 to the end of the dashboard’s URL.

Both methods remove the global navigation and dashboard sidebar from your view. The first method is best if you’re displaying the dashboard on a TV, presenting it, or just want to hide the sidebar. The second method is best if you’re using a browser extension to loop through several dashboards in full screen mode.

To exit full screen mode, select Expand ().

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