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Atlassian Analytics is in open beta

Only customers with a Cloud Enterprise plan for Jira Software or Jira Service Management have access to Atlassian Analytics.

Manage activity on your dashboard

Only Analytics admins can view the Activity tab.

The Activity tab keeps a year-long record of changes applied to the dashboard. Each record will show who performed the change, what it was, and when it was made. Types of recorded activities include when someone:

  • creates, edits, or deletes a chart or control

  • grants another person access to the dashboard

You can also:

  • search for specific keywords to filter your activity results

  • select Download activity to download a CSV of the dashboard activity

To open your dashboard activity:

  1. Open the dashboard you’d like to view activity for.

  2. Select Settings from the dashboard sidebar.

  3. Select the Activity tab.


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