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Navigation for Atlassian Analytics

The global navigation is accessible from any page within Atlassian Analytics so you can quickly get to where you need to go.

Global navigation for Atlassian Analytics
  1. App switcher: Switch to other Atlassian Analytics workspaces or other Atlassian Cloud products.

  2. Atlassian Analytics logo and name: Select to go to the Atlassian Analytics home page.

  3. Dashboards: View all the dashboards that you have access to.

  4. Data: View all the data sources that you have access to.

  5. Create: Select to create a new chart or dashboard.

  6. Search: Find charts, dashboards, or data sources in your workspace.

  7. Notifications: Receive updates about comments, downloads, and other activities.

  8. Help: Get to our documentation or give us feedback about Atlassian Analytics.

  9. Admin settings (Analytics admins only): Manage users in your workspace and configure workspace settings.

  10. Your profile and settings: Adjust your Atlassian Analytics settings.

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