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Edit data selection of a data share

If you need to add or remove product instances from a data share, you can edit its data selection.

To edit a data share’s data selection:

  1. Select Data from the global navigation.

  2. Select Data shares from the sidebar.

  3. Select the data share you want to edit.

  4. Go to the Data selection tab.

  5. Select Edit selection.

  6. Select or deselect product instances.

  7. Select Save selection. A pop-up will appear.

  8. Read the acknowledgment statement, then select the checkbox. By selecting it, you acknowledge and understand the difference in data permissions between data shares and other Atlassian products. Read more about data permissions for data shares.

  9. Select I understand to apply your changes.

If you remove product data previously included in a data share, this could cause breaking changes in your tools that connect to the data share.

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