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What is a data share?

A data share is a read-only collection of tables with your organization’s data from the Atlassian Data Lake. Organization admins can create data shares and credentials for those data shares in Atlassian Analytics. Those credentials can then be used to connect the data share to your organization’s environments or third-party tools that support Databricks Delta Sharing protocol. Learn more about Delta Sharing.

For example, data shares can enable you to:

  • Connect your Atlassian data to your business intelligence tools

  • Export your Atlassian data into your own databases

Data permissions for data shares

Similar to Data Lake connections you create in Atlassian Analytics, the data permissions for data shares are not the same as the permissions you’ve set in your other Atlassian products.

If you connect a data share directly to your own third-party tools, all the product data you’ve included in that data share will be available to anyone who has access to that data share connection. This further means people in your organization may see data they normally don’t have access to.

If you want to apply your own data permissions or transformations to a data share, you’ll need to set up this configuration outside of Atlassian Analytics. Read how to set up this configuration for data shares.

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