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Atlassian Analytics is in open beta

Only customers with a Cloud Enterprise plan for Jira Software or Jira Service Management have access to Atlassian Analytics.

Pie chart settings


Chart title

The title of your chart

Title font size

The font size of your chart title

The minimum value is 8.

Chart subtitle

The subtitle of your chart

Subtitle font size

The font size of your chart subtitle

The minimum value is 8.

Show tooltips

Enable tooltips, which appear when you hover over areas of your chart and show the values at the point in focus

Sort slices by value

Sorts pie slices from greatest to least value

Group to other

If your pie chart has a lot of small slices, you can group those slices together into an “Other” slice to clean up the chart output

This is selected by default. Deselecting displays all slices separately (in other words, there is no auto-generated “Other” slice).

Group to other cutoff

Editable when Group to other is selected

The maximum number of slices to show in the chart

Remaining slices are grouped into an “Other” slice.

Donut chart

Turns the pie chart into a donut chart

Show total in center

Editable when Donut chart is selected

Shows the sum of all slice values in the middle of your donut chart

Number format

Available when Data format is Number

Select how the total value in your donut chart is displayed:

  • 1,234.56

  • 1234.56

  • 1234,56

  • 1.234,56

  • 1 234,56

  • 1’234.56

Currency format

Available when Data format is Currency

Select a currency symbol to prepend to the total value in your donut chart:

  • $ (USD)

  • € (EUR)

  • ¥ (JPY)

  • £ (GBP)

  • ₪ (ILS)

  • R$ (BRL)


Available when Data format is Number, Percentage, or Currency

Select how to round the total value in your donut chart:

  • 1k

  • No rounding

  • Round to integers (1000)

  • 2 decimal places

  • 3 decimal places


Show legend

By default, all charts display a legend if there are multiple groupings in your chart.

The following options are available:

  • Always - the legend always appears on your chart

  • Never - the legend is hidden from your chart

  • Auto - the legend appears when multiple groupings are present


If the chart legend is shown, choose whether to display the legend outside or inside the chart and where to place it

Outside chart:

  • Left

  • Right

  • Above (default)

  • Below

Inside chart:

  • Top Left

  • Top Right

  • Bottom Left

  • Bottom Right

Number of columns

Specify the number of columns that your legend spans

Leaving the default as 0 keeps your legend on a single line.


Background color

The background color of your chart

By default, it uses the background color of the dashboard theme. Selecting another color overrides the background color of the dashboard theme.

Use custom colors

Overrides the chart colors of the dashboard theme

Use the color picker or enter a hexadecimal color code to set the color of each column represented on your chart. Make sure to click Select once you’ve chosen your color to update the selection.

The colors are tied to each specific category in your chart, so if the ordering in your chart changes due to the data changing, the color you associated with Login, for example, always stays associated with Login. However, the color resets if you change the name of Login.


Use this chart as a variable control by selecting a dashboard and connecting other variable controls to it. Learn more about how to set up drilldowns for a chart.

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