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SQL editor settings

Customize your SQL editor experience so you can work as efficiently and comfortably as possible. Go to the SQL editor settings () tab of your SQL mode query to change settings like themes, autocomplete, and default query mode.

SQL editor themes

Changing the theme changes the colors of the SQL editor code and background. Choose the theme that suits your preference:

  • Default

  • Classic

  • Darcula

Enable or disable autocomplete

As you type, the convenient autocomplete feature shows basic SQL keywords, tables, and columns available for you to use in your SQL query.

Select Autocomplete to turn on the SQL autocomplete feature.

Default to SQL mode

Selecting this option opens new charts and new queries in SQL mode by default—super convenient for power users!

Resize SQL editor

If the normal view of the SQL mode editor seems a bit cramped, you can expand the SQL editor to give yourself more room to write your SQL query. Select the Maximize icon () at the bottom-left corner or select the Collapse chart button above the list of chart types. This hides the chart preview to make more space for creating your SQL query.

Need even more space? Try resizing the result table to maximize your SQL editor even further.

To preview the final chart while the SQL mode editor is maximized, you can hover over any of the chart types or the Show chart button (same location as the “Collapse chart” button).

To persistently show the chart preview pane again, you can do any one of the following:

  • Select the Show chart button.

  • Switch back to the normal view by selecting the Normal icon (same location as the “Maximize” icon).

  • Collapse the “Query” step.

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