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Add a schema

Atlassian Analytics is able to pull multiple schemas for new Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Athena, and PostgreSQL data sources. For other data sources, you can only have one schema per data source connection in Atlassian Analytics, so you’d need to create separate data source connections to add more schemas.

If your data source can’t pull in multiple schemas, you can create custom tables that pull from tables in your other schemas. Custom tables allow you to write SQL that Atlassian Analytics inserts directly into visual mode queries. So, you can create a custom table with the following SQL (replacing schema_name and table_name with relevant information from your database):

1 SELECT * FROM schema_name.table_name

For reference, you can run the following command for MySQL and PostgreSQL data sources to view all available tables and views in all schemas:

1 SELECT * FROM information_schema.tables

Reflect multiple schemas

You must have permission to manage the data source to add more schemas.

If Atlassian Analytics supports multiple schemas for your data source, you can reflect them into one data source by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Data tab.

  2. Select the data source in which you’d like to reflect multiple schemas.

  3. Go to the Connection tab.

  4. From the schema selector, select the schemas you’d like to add to Atlassian Analytics.

  5. Select Save. This will take you to another screen.

  6. Select the schemas and tables to include in Atlassian Analytics.

  7. Select Apply.

Atlassian Analytics automatically applies your changes then takes you to the Schema tab, where you can edit your schemas as needed.

Get a list of available schemas

Most schemas are defaulted to public unless a specific schema is used. To find out which schema to reflect for your data source, you can run the following query on your data source to list all available schemas; however, not all data sources have this functionality.

Amazon Redshift

1 SELECT * FROM pg_namespace;

Microsoft SQL Server

1 SELECT * FROM sys.schemas


You can leave the schema blank since for MySQL, physically a schema is synonymous with a database.


1 SELECT nspname FROM pg_catalog.pg_namespace



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