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What is visual mode?

Visual mode makes it easy for people with minimal SQL knowledge to query their data sources. You focus on adding the necessary columns and query filters for your chart, and Atlassian Analytics generates the SQL query for you, which you can view at any time by:

Looking to write your own SQL query? Learn how to create queries in SQL mode.

Select a data source

Before you can start building your query, you need to decide from where to query the data. Select the data sources dropdown next to the name of your query, then select one of your connected data sources.

If you don’t see any data sources, connect one to Atlassian Analytics or reach out to your organization admin for access.

Select visual mode

After selecting a data source to query, select Visual in your query to use visual mode.

Visual mode selected for Visual SQL query

Add columns and query filters

Once you’re in visual mode, pull the data you need for your chart by adding columns and query filters to your visual mode query.

Run your query

When you feel like your query is ready, select Run query to execute it. When visual mode is the active query mode, Atlassian Analytics executes its auto-generated SQL query. Learn more about the generated and executed queries.

The result table and chart preview will update with your query results.

You can also use Command + Enter (for Mac) or Control + Enter to run your query.

After running your first query, you can start adding other Visual SQL steps to further transform your data. View all the available Visual SQL steps.

Switching between visual and SQL mode

Making changes and executing the query in visual mode updates the query in SQL mode, but this isn’t true for the reverse—making changes and executing the query in SQL mode doesn’t affect what’s shown in visual mode.

If you’re switching between visual mode and SQL mode, your changes to visual mode don’t impact your returned results until you rerun your query from visual mode.

Rerunning the query in visual mode may override changes you’ve made in SQL mode.

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