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Funnel chart settings


Chart title

The title of your chart

Title font size

The font size of your chart title

The minimum value is 8.

Show tooltips

Enable tooltips, which appear when you hover over areas of your chart and show the values at the point in focus

Round tooltip values

Available only when Show tooltips is selected

Rounds real numbers in the tooltip to two decimal places

Deselect to show the raw values in the tooltip

Show funneling

Shapes the chart into a funnel shape

This is selected by default


Uses a single color for the entire chart

By default, it uses the primary color of the dashboard theme.

Show percentage

Shows the percentage of the largest category value that goes into the subsequent funnel categories

This is selected by default. When unselected, it shows the numeric value of each category.

Show border

Shows a visible border around the chart. This border will create a separation between the chart and dashboard elements that surround it.




The title for the x-axis



The title for the y-axis


Background color

The background color of your chart

By default, it uses the background color of the dashboard theme. Selecting another color overrides the background color of the dashboard theme.

Use custom colors

Overrides the chart colors of the dashboard theme

Use the color picker or enter a hexadecimal color code to set the color of each column represented on your chart. Make sure to click Select once you’ve chosen your color to update the selection.

The colors are tied to each specific category in your chart, so if the ordering in your chart changes due to the data changing, the color you associated with Login, for example, always stays associated with Login. However, the color resets if you change the name of Login.


Use this chart as a variable control by selecting a dashboard and connecting other variable controls to it. Learn more about how to set up drilldowns for a chart.

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