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General data source settings

You must have permission to manage a data source in order to edit its settings.

Once you’ve added a data source, you can manage and monitor the connection from its data source settings.

To get to a data source’s settings:

  1. Select Data from the global navigation.

  2. Select the data source whose settings you’d like to manage.

The General tab of the data source’s settings is shown by default, where the following settings are available to edit:

Data source display name

The name of the data source that’s shown throughout Atlassian Analytics

You can change the name at any time, and it won’t break any charts using the data source.

Max query duration

The maximum amount of time (in seconds) a query can take to complete. The maximum value you can set is 300.

We’ll cancel any queries that take longer than the set amount of time. Set this to a low value to prevent long-running queries from tying up resources on your database server and slowing down other queries.

Hide new tables

Hides new tables and columns by default when you sync your schemas in Atlassian Analytics

People won’t see hidden tables and columns when creating queries, but they can still directly query those tables and columns in a SQL mode query if they know the SQL names.

Time zone support

This setting is unavailable for some data source types.

Converts the data source’s date and time values to the chosen time zone support option

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