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Create charts on your dashboard

Charts are the building blocks of Atlassian Analytics. They let you bring your data together and build the right visualizations to identify trends, patterns, and outliers.

There are a handful of different chart types available, so choose the type that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that most chart types require a specific format for your data and have limits to how much data they can show. Learn more about data limits for charts.

Real-time data

If you connect your data source to Atlassian Analytics, it queries that data source directly to return the results; therefore, your charts’ results reflect the most up-to-date data when the charts refresh.

If you don’t need real-time data, improve chart performance by reducing how often your data source receives new queries. Learn how to update the cache duration for a dashboard.

Interactive legends

Toggle the visibility of a series in a chart by selecting the series name in the chart legend.

Toggling visibility of IT and Payroll data in a bar chart using interactive legends.

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