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“Project overview” dashboard template

This dashboard provides agile metrics that provide insight into productivity through the different stages of the software development lifecycle.

Controls on the dashboard

Use the following controls to configure the dashboard:

Current date interval

“Calendar” control to filter charts to display data relevant to the selected date range.

Project name

“Dropdown” control to filter charts for data relating to specific projects.

Defect issue type

“Dropdown” control to filter charts for data relating to specific defect issue types.

Charts on the dashboard

This dashboard contains the following charts:

Net flow of work

Measures the team’s focus on already committed issues

Committed issues are issues that transitioned to an “In progress” status category. An issue is completed when its final transition is to a “Done” status category.

This chart calculates net flow of work for each week in the selected date interval. Net flow of work is the difference between the committed issues completed and the new issues committed during the same week.

Defect ratio

The defect ratio is the percentage of defects completed out of the total number of issues completed in the selected date interval for each project. A defect is an issue with a “Bug” issue type.

You can use this to measure the quality improvement of a project over time.

In addition to the other controls on this dashboard, you can also filter this chart by issue type.


Measures the team’s performance by calculating the number of issues completed each week for each project


Measures the amount of time it takes to complete any given issue

For each project, this chart calculates the average cycle time of the issues completed during that week. Cycle time is the total time in days that it took for an issue to get started then completed. More specifically, it’s the time elapsed from when the issue first transitioned to an “In progress” status category to when it last transitioned to a “Done” status category.

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