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Understand the data model of the Atlassian Data Lake

Each product has its own set of tables and columns in the Atlassian Data Lake. If you choose to include all data for your products, more columns are added to each of those tables.

Only data for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery, Confluence, and Opsgenie are available in the Atlassian Data Lake at this time. Data for more products are coming soon.

The product tables capture product data in a star schema, meaning some tables refer to other tables. Because of this, you may need to join multiple queries to get the data you need in Atlassian Analytics.

Data freshness

For most tables, it takes at least half an hour for changes in your products to reflect in the Data Lake. This makes them especially useful for custom analysis, or when having the most up-to-date information is important.

However, for the following tables, it takes about three to six hours for changes to reflect:

  • jira_issue

  • jira_issue_cycle_time

  • jira_issue_status_history

  • jira_project

Dates and timestamps in the Data Lake

Keep in mind that all columns with dates and timestamps (for example, created_at, updated_at, and so on) are in the UTC time zone. To convert these to use a different time zone, either change your workspace time zone in your workspace settings or the individual dashboard’s time zone in its dashboard settings.

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