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When are queries sent to a data source?

New queries to update your dashboard’s cache are only sent to your original data source when one of the following occurs:

  • A dashboard is opened and is being viewed (depending on the “refresh dashboard” setting)

  • A dashboard subscription is being generated

  • The cache is expired and a person refreshes the dashboard

  • Someone runs an ad-hoc query

  • Someone modifies a chart’s query and re-runs the query

  • Someone manually refreshes the dashboard

  • Someone manually refreshes a chart

  • Someone changes the value of a variable control

If none of these criteria are met, new queries are not sent from your dashboard to your original data source.

Sending new queries requires using your data source’s resources. If your data source receives too many queries at one time, some or many of those queries may timeout, leading to the performance issues you’re experiencing.

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