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Resolve schema differences in your queries

When you make changes to your schema in your database, how does that affect your charts in Atlassian Analytics? You can use column remapping and the queries search to manage how your queries should be updated based on those schema changes.

Sync schema to see schema differences

You need permission to manage the data source to view detected schema differences.

After updating your schemas in your original data source, you’ll need to sync those schemas to bring the changes into Atlassian Analytics. Learn how to sync schemas.

Atlassian Analytics detects if columns that are used in visual mode queries no longer exist in your data source and compiles a list of those columns.

For each column in the list, you can select the hyperlink under the # uses in queries column, which takes you to the Queries tab of the data source’s settings and shows all the queries (both visual mode and SQL mode) using that missing column. For the visual mode queries, you can either manually update each one or remap the column to perform a bulk update.

Detected missing column after schema sync.

If you open a visual mode query and Atlassian Analytics recognizes that a column being used no longer exists in your schema, it outlines the column in red so you can take action accordingly.

Note that anyone with access to the chart can see the missing columns in the chart’s queries, not only those with permission to edit or manage the dashboard that the chart exists in.

Detected that Total column is missing in the schema, giving an error in the visual mode query.

Column remaps

You need permission to manage the data source to remap columns.

If Atlassian Analytics detects that a column no longer exists in your original data source, you have the opportunity to swap that missing column to a new column if the missing column was used in any visual mode queries. For SQL mode queries, you’ll need to update the queries individually.

Remap is irreversible, so only perform this action if you're 100% sure!

To remap a column:

  1. Go to the Schema tab of your data source’s settings.

  2. If you haven’t already, select Sync schema to get a list of columns that you need to remap.

  3. Hover over the column name then select Remap column.

  4. Select the new column to use.

  5. Confirm your decision by selecting the check mark.

Remaps can fail depending on the details of your schema. For example, remap would fail if the new column exists in a table that doesn’t have any foreign keys set up between the other tables used in the query.

Remap the 'Issue number' column in a schema

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