Troubleshoot the board

Why can't I see issues on the board?

If your business project contains customized workflows, you might not be able to see your issues on the board. Here are the two main cases where this may happen:

1. Your project contains issues that have different workflows

For instance, you have customized a workflow for a certain issue type and you have multiple workflows in your project.

Task issue type:

alt="The workflow of the task issue type."

Content issue type:

alt="Content issue type workflow."

The board displays a column for each status, so where the statuses aren't the same, the board doesn't know which workflow to show.

To start using boards, you may want to consider aligning your workflows. For more information, see How do I build the workflow I want?

2. Two issue transitions go to the same status

For instance, if any of the workflows in your project are set up similar to this:

alt="Example workflow of to do, in progress, in review, and done."

In the above example, two transitions both go from one status to another. You may have something like this set up because there are separate transition events you wish to record.

If you want to use boards, you need to restructure your workflow so that there is only one transition between the two statuses. For example, you might change things to be something like this:

alt="A workflow with two transitions."

Error when moving board columns

If you have unsaved draft workflows, you may get an error message when you try to move board columns. To fix this:

  1. Choose Settings > Issues.

  2. Choose Workflows.

  3. Find the board workflow for the project and click Edit.

  4. Save or Discard the unsaved draft.

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