Surface software team releases in business team calendars

This feature isn't currently supported for cross-project views.

Stay informed when the engineering team changes their release estimates and better plan marketing campaigns or customer-related tasks.

If your business projects have releases enabled, you’ll be able to access release details from your software teams such as status, dates, and progress directly in the calendar view. Integrate this with your team’s planning to set work accordingly.

Enable and hide releases on your business projects calendar

You must be an admin of the project to enable releases in your calendar. The releases will be shown for all users.

Releases and versions are essential for teams that incrementally ship work. You can include them on your business projects calendar to help create a plan (marketing, operations, etc.) that aligns with the software releases.

To enable and show releases in your calendar:

  1. From the calendar view, go to …More

  2. Find Show software release dates and select the project you’d like to follow.

To hide releases from your calendar:

  1. From the calendar view, go to …More

  2. Select next to the project name.

You can only follow releases from one project at a time.

JWM calendar view with JWS release dates

The release panel in your calendar tells you the following:

  • The status of a release:

    • a blue unreleased lozenge indicates the release has not been shipped

    • a green released lozenge indicates the release has been shipped

    • a red release date indicates a release is behind schedule (the due date has passed)

  • The progress of issues in the release

    • the statuses include TO DO, IN PROGRESS, and DONE

  • The start date of the work and the date of the release

  • The source of the releases that the versions belong to, which is the software project selected

Monitor the progress of your versions

The releases page shows how much work has been completed in each version. It shows a summary and a breakdown of the issues in the version, grouped by status. To view the release page, click the title of the release from the releases panel that pops up on the calendar view.

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