Navigate to your work

Working efficiently in Jira depends on you being able to find the things you use most, and quickly resume work.

At the end of June 2020, we completed the process of permanently replacing Jira Cloud’s previous navigation experience. All Jira Cloud users have now moved over to the navigation experience described on this page.

Use the navigation bar

Jira Cloud’s main navigation bar gives you quick access to the projects, filters, and dashboards you use most. It also lets you create issues, search and access help notifications and Jira settings.

The Your work page helps you resume work and find things you’ve interacted with. It shows issues, boards, projects and other things you’ve recently viewed or worked on, and has a full list of all your starred items.

The navigation bar

The navigation bar in Jira
  1. Product switcher: Switch to other Atlassian cloud products, like Bitbucket and Confluence, and go to recent projects.

  2. Jira logo and product name

  3. Your work: Get an overview of the things you care most about in Jira. Find issues, projects, boards, and queues you’ve visited, work assigned to you, and your starred items.

  4. Projects, Filters, and Dashboards: Quickly find and resume work on the things you use most. You starred items appear at the top of each menu, followed by your recently visited items.

  5. People: See the people and teams you work with, and create new teams.

  6. Plans: See and manage your plans (premium users only).

  7. Apps: See and manage apps installed on your Jira site.

  8. Create: Create issues.

  9. Search: Find issues, projects, boards, queues, filters and people.

  10. Notifications, help, Jira settings, and your profile and settings: See what's happening in Jira, get help, and customize Jira’s settings (Jira admins only) and your personal settings.

Speed up navigation and issue creation with keyboard shortcuts

  • Press c to quickly create an issue.

  • Press / to open the quick search field.

  • Press / then enter/return to start an advanced search.

  • Press . to navigate to admin screens like User management and Application access (you can type to search for other admin settings).

Drop-down menus in the navigation show your starred items up the top, followed by recent items. Star your most-used projects, filters, queues, dashboards, and other items to make sure you can easily find and open them.

The navigation menus in Jira (projects, filters, dashboards, and apps)

To reorder your starred items in navigation menus, go to Your work > Starred.

Quickly navigate to your boards

The quickest way to get to a recent board from anywhere in Jira is by clicking the search field (or pressing / on your keyboard). You’ll see recent boards, projects, and filters in the bottom half of the search panel.

We also recommend starring boards so you can quickly find them by going to Your work > Starred. When you’re in a project, you can also use the board switcher in the sidebar. Click the board name and choose a board or type in its name.

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