What are forms and what can they do?

Forms allow you to collect information and capture work from other teams or stakeholders. Create different types of forms to receive different types of work from your stakeholders.

When you create a form, you can choose the (issue) type for when people submit the form as a work item to your project. You can choose the type of work that your form collects, which will change the type of work item that’s created when that form is submitted to your project. Each type will have different form fields depending on what kind of information you want to collect. Your project will only show other types if you have more than one (issue) type for your project.

You can create as many forms as you need for your business project.

Forms can be used to:

  • Help people outside your immediate team send work to your project team

  • Collect the right information from other teams and stakeholders from the organization

  • Receive certain requests or information by creating certain types of forms

When people fill out and submit forms, their responses are submitted to your business project as work items for your team to begin working on.

Manage access to forms

You can decide who can submit requests using your forms. There are two access levels you can select from:

  • Limited : Only users who have permission to create an issue in the project can access this form.

  • Open : Any user who has a Jira license and can access the instance the form is available in can access this form.

By default, the access level for all forms is Limited .

To manage the access of your form:

  1. Select Forms from the project view navigation.

  2. Open the form you’d like to edit.

  3. Select the access icon (contentful icon).

  4. Select Limited or Open.

Alternatively, you can manage the access of your form by:

  1. Select Forms from the project view navigation.

  2. Open the form you’d like to edit.

  3. Select Share.

  4. Select Limited or Open from the Access drop-down menu.

Additional Help