Use Jira Work Management for task management

The task management project template sets you up with the most basic workflow for creating and completing work.

There are two steps in the workflow: To do and Done.

Use this project type for...

  • Business as usual tasks such as preparing reports or presentations

  • Ad hoc tasks such as training a new team member

  • Small, recurring tasks such as updating time-sheets or ordering supplies.

Set due dates & reminders

For the type of tasks you're doing, you may want to set due dates and reminders. The assigned person will then be automatically notified when the task is due. If you also become a watcher on the issue, you will be reminded as well.

See Scheduling an issue

Create sub-tasks

If a task that you add is actually a group of smaller tasks, you can create sub-tasks and assign them to different people. The task will not be able to move to Done, until all the subtasks are complete as well.

See Creating issues and sub-tasks

Task recycling

As tempting as it may be to recycle the small recurring tasks, and put them back in To do, don't. It'll affect reporting for the project and your team won't get an accurate picture of how much they have completed. Instead, choose ••• > Clone and create a copy of the issue to make sure you can accurately record and report on all work.

See Reporting

Manage activity on the board

Use the Jira Work Management board to track incomplete tasks, add new ones and check what has been done. The board gives you a quick view of what is overdue (if you are using due dates) and who is assigned to tasks so you can follow up.

See Working with boards.

Customize issues

The table below shows the specifications for default issues in a task project. Jira Work Management admins can customize these defaults. For example, they can add other issue types to the project, or add new fields to this issue type. See Configuring issues.

Issue type

Task and subtask

Issue fields

Summary, Issue Type, Reporter, Attachment, Due Date, Description, Assignee, Priority, Resolution and Labels


Done, Won't Do, Duplicate and Cannot Reproduce


Highest, High, Medium, Low and Lowest


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