What is an overview?

This page refers to overviews, which is a cross-project planning feature for Jira Work Management that’s only available for:

  • Jira Work Management Cloud Premium licenses

  • Jira Service Management Cloud Premium and Enterprise license

  • Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise licenses

Overviews are collections of projects that help you get a high-level and aggregated view of work spanning multiple business projects.

There are a few reasons you may want to create an overview:

  • To get an aggregated view of work spanning multiple Jira Work Management projects

  • To understand dependencies between work that’s happening in separate business projects

  • To get visibility over your teams' workload. This ensures work is equally and correctly distributed across your team and projects are properly resourced.

  • To get a holistic view of how work is being prioritized, the status of all items, and the different types of work.

An overview is private and only visible to the person who created it. If you create an overview, only you will be able to view those collections of projects in the overview.

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